Blogging Tips for Fiction Authors

by | May 17, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

It may seem obvious how a non-fiction author can use a blog, but how can a fiction author use it to support their career and business goals? Here are a few tips for using a blog to gain visibility and improve sales of your fiction work.

Blogging Tips for Fiction Authors

Keep Your Fans Up to Date
Blog about events you’ll be participating in. Blog about your creative process. Let your fans know what’s going on with you, your writing and even their favorite characters.

Serialize Your First Draft
This technique can be very popular with your fans, and it has been known to attract interest from publishers, as well.

Keep Your Readers Informed
Are you researching topics to give your fiction some realism? Blog about what you’ve uncovered. This not only can educate your readers so they will read your next book better informed, but it can also help you learn the material better. Writing about something is often a very good way to learn about something.

Share the Good Times
Do you attend conventions? Take pictures with your fans and post them to your blog. Better yet, bring along a flip cam and share video recorded moments from the event. Hit a milestone in your creative journey? Share that, as well.


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