Own Your Authentic Confidence

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Authenticity, Mindset

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Photograph: © Gleb Semenjuk | PhotoXpress.com; Design: Carma Spence

One of my favorite quotes about confidence came from a Skin Bracer TV ad in the 1970s. Jack Palance says with a cheeky grin, “Confidence is sexy, isn’t?”

And it is … in so many ways. Now I may not be the queen of confidence, but there are defiantly areas in my life where I am quite confident and no on can shake that. When you Own Your Awesome you are in tune with your authentic confidence.

What is authentic confidence? It is knowing your strengths and playing to them. It is knowing where you’re not so strong and owning that, too. It is also taking responsibility for your own self-esteem.

The good news about confidence is that we have the tools within us to grow it, shore it up and nurture it. We are in charge of our own confidence. In fact, the human brain is wired to empower us to become more confident. You can actually change the neuro-pathways in your brain so that you feel more confident and secure.

Here are some quick tips for building your self-confidence:

  • Hold a power stance for 2 minutes. Research shows that holding your body in a confident, power position literally changes your body chemistry to make you more confident. My favorite confident pose is the “Wonder Woman” — stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your hips. But simply sitting up straight with your head held high can do the trick, too.
  • Understand the true nature of failure. Failing doesn’t mean you are a failure. It means you have been presented with a learning opportunity! Edison is quoted as saying that he felt his failures were finding out ways not to do things. And a speaker I once heard said F.A.I.L. was an acronym for “Failure Always Inspires Leaders.” Don’t let not getting something right cut your confidence, let it inspire you to boldly move forward.
  • Stop ruminating! When you think or examine things too much, you undermine your confidence. Practice being decisive and take action. Fail forward faster!
  • Let go of the past. Just because you had difficulties when you were younger — a week younger or decade younger — doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish that task now. If you’re reading this, then you’re intelligent and have probably learned from past mistakes. Acknowledge your growth and move on.
  • Stick to your core values. Don’t let the opinions of others sway you from your true path. Confident people do what they believe to be right, regardless of the verbal (and not so verbal) slings and arrows cast their way. Sometimes you’ll feel called to do something that seems crazy to others, but later, hindsight will prove that you did the right thing.

Finally, I’d like to leave you with this thought: Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican Publisher, once said, “With confidence, you have won before you have started.” Be a winner and nurture your authentic confidence!

Need a confidence boost?

If your confidence is less than to be desired, check out my Pay Me What I’m Worth series and then schedule a Pay Me What I’m Worth Intake call with me to see if enrolling in a Pay Me What I’m Worth Master Class is right for you. The course is based on Soul Dancer’s book Pay Me What I’m Worth and is co-facilitated by Soul and myself. For twelve weeks, we’ll delve into the basis of strong self-confidence and guide you toward building your own confidence in any situation.

Originally created for the TidBitts.com platform, launched in September of 2014, my content on Fridays helps you “Own Your Awesome” in the eight facets of your life.

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