Allow Yourself To Be Authentically You

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Authenticity, Mindset, Self Discovey, Video

Allow Yourself To Be Authentically You
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One of my upcoming books is called Celebrate You! Own Your Awesome in Business and Life. The first letter of each chapter in the table of contents spells out “I Am Awesome.” The second chapter is “Allow Yourself To Be Authentically You.” In the following 8-1/2-minute speech, I share some of the content that I’ll be using to develop that chapter.

NOTE: This video was shot on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015, at Spiritual Wellbeing Toastmasters in Lakewood, Calif.

Have you ever looked into the mirror and not recognized whom you saw?

That happened to me four years ago.

After 13 years of suppressing, stuffing and packing away more and more parts and pieces of myself in order to keep the peace with my now ex-husband – basically sacrificing myself on the alter of our marriage – I gazed into the mirror and realized I had no idea who the woman in the reflection was. I had lost touch with who I really was and what was authentically me.

And so I began my journey of self-discovery, unpacking those hidden parts of me like a child exploring a once forgotten toy chest.

My intention with this presentation is to share how I discovered the joy of vulnerability and the bliss of authenticity, to inspire you to unveil your true self, to stand boldly in your own authentic truth, so that the people and opportunities that are meant to be in your life can not only find you – but recognize you.

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