5 Reasons You Need a Compelling Opt-In Gift

by | Jan 1, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

1. Information Overload
People’s email boxes runneth over with ezines … subscribing to yours just isn’t all that interesting or compelling anymore.

2. A More Targeted List
Your opt-in gift should appeal to a very narrow target market. That way you’ll be more likely to build a list that is responsive to what you have to offer.

3. Makes a Good Impression
Your opt-in gift should showcase you and your information at its best. It should be such a fantastic free taste of what you have to offer that those who stay on your list will gladly listen to your offers and purchase our wares.

4. Sets You Apart
Your opt-in gift needs to be unique … something that people can’t get anywhere else. This not only makes a good impression, but sets you a part from the pack and creates the perception that you are the go-to person in your field.

5. Builds Trust
When your opt-in gift not only delivers on your promise when you pitched it, but goes beyond, it starts to build that bond of trust that will help make your subscribers loyal followers … and referrers.


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