The Most Important List Building Tool – The Opt-In Incentive

by | Jan 3, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

More than anything else, it is the attractiveness of your opt-in incentive — also called an ethical bribe, an attraction tool, a lead magnet … whatever — that will build your list. People guard their email carefully these days. They are hot to avoid spam and will accuse you of it (even if they are wrong) in a heartbeat. They won’t opt-in to your list for anything.

  • A subscription to your ezine won’t cut it.
  • Updates from your blog won’t cut it.
  • A so-so, un-targeted special report won’t cut it.

So, if you want to build a strong, responsive email list quickly, you need to think well and strategically about your opt-in bonus.

What is the one big thing your target market wants to know?
Your target market has questions that they are seeking answers to. Do you know what they are? Do you know which one or two are the most important? That’s what your opt-in bonus should answer. And you can provide this answer in a number of ways that will equally satisfying to your newly opted-in subscribers:

  • A 5-7 page special report.
  • A quick video.
  • An mp3 audio interview.

Use your imagination. Experiment … try all the options you can think of and keep the one that gives you the highest opt-in rate.

Yes, this is time-consuming. But, if you are focusing on your list growth, this is a key point to work on.

What do you, specifically, have to offer that can help them with the foremost concerns?
Remember, your opt-in bonus does more than just entice people to follow you. It also showcases your talents, your skills and your ability to help them with their biggest problems. Your opt-in bonus needs to be a “free taste” of what you have to offer. With that in mind, you should be able to come up with both the content and method of delivery that is in greatest alignment with what you have to offer.

In summary, you need to put in as much effort into your opt-in bonus as you do any product you will sell. It needs to be tightly focused on what your target market most wants to know about. And, it needs to be an example of how you can help them with that number one concern.


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