Watch out for these final three warning signs of a bad client!

by | May 5, 2014 | C.A.P. Podcast, C.A.P. Podcast - Video, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Video

Part 4, 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Client
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As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of setting the tone of doing business with you. When you tolerate bad behavior in your life or business, such as I have described in this podcast, series of videos and my special report, The 7 Warning Signs of a Bad Client, you block the flow of money. In this fourth and final excerpt of the April 4, 2014, episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, I share the last three warning signs of a bad client.

The three warnings signs I discuss in this video, in the podcast and in my free report are:

5. Blaming others for their problems
6. Being hypersensitive and moody, and
7. Verbally abusive

You don’t want a client who doesn’t take responsibility for what is going on in their business or life because, eventually, you will become the scapegoat … and that could seriously affect your profitability.

Clients whose feelings are easily hurt are high maintenance, which will tax your time … and, again, affect your profitability.

And, of course, as a professional, you don’t deserve to be verbally abused. That is unprofessional behavior and you should have a zero-tolerance policy on that one.


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