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by | Sep 26, 2013 | Mindset, Self Discovey

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Because I’m a journalist on the side (I just can’t stop writing, I love it so much), I had the opportunity to chat with and interview The Four Dames yesterday. It was a very inspiring experience.

The Four Dames are four women, with expertise in the four domains of life, who have pulled together to create a coaching and seminar business that helps empower women to live the life they love. Together, they help women unlock the knowing inside themselves so they can have the life they love. Sharing a little more than an hour of their time was educational and inspirational. The biggest take-aways or “aha” nuggets I got from the experience included:

  • Ask yourself, in every area of your life, “What would I love?” Imagine that getting what you desire is possible. What would that look like? Accept that is is possible and you will attract what you need to make it so.
  • When you come up against your dis-empowering stories, ask yourself “What if that weren’t true?” Imagine what your life would look like or how it might unfold if your limiting belief was a lie.
  • All the results you see in your life are created by your inside game. What you believe, you will perceive.

Of course, as a student (and teacher) of universal laws, I know all this already. But it is always nice to hear it in a new way. Sometimes we need to hear the same things over and over again from different people before we own the information.

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Now its your turn:
Have you ever taken a moment to explore what it is that you would truly love in your life? Have you received it? Have you allowed yourself to receive it? Or is there a glass wall between that desire and you? Please share your insights, suggestions and wisdom in a comment below.

The Four Dames are:

Patricia Barnett covers the domain of Health. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and dealing with dis-ease most of her life, she chose to become a thriver, rather than a survivor, and has cultivated the “mindset of a champion” in her life. Today she is healthy, pain free and successful and now helps women achieve health in their lives. From personal experience, she can safely say, “Its far more fun being a thriver than a survivor!”

Julie Jones Hamilton covers the domain of Love and Relationships. After spending years seeking approval from others and experience a lack of that approval or a sense that the approval she got wasn’t enough, she decided to build a loving relationship with herself. She discovered that “the more I allowed loving myself, the more I attracted the love of others.” She helps women develop that self-loving relationship, helping them open “up a space to allow the love to come.”

Lynn Kitchen covers the domain of Life Purpose. She helps women step into their innate legendary life, one of freedom, passion and the joy of giving their unique gift to the world.

Marilyn Macha covers the domain of Wealth. She teaches women about the “inside job” of wealth. “Our thinking creates our results,” she says.


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