Top 5 Ways to Use Audio in Your Business

by | Apr 20, 2009 | Marketing & Selling

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Now that you know how to create audio for the web, you’re probably wondering what you can use audio for to grow your business. I’m glad you asked! Here are some of the best ways you can use audio to enhance almost every aspect of your business.

Create single- and multiple-call educational seminars delivered over the phone. If you provide these for free, they can be great lead generations tools. But you can also create teleseminars that people will pay for, creating another valuable product in your marketing funnel.

Welcome & Explanatory Messages
Sometimes, you can increase conversions on your sales and squeeze pages by having a little audio message that encourages visitors to read the page, or explains what you’re trying to say in a nut shell.

Audio E-Courses
You’ve heard of e-courses, right? Mini-educational message series delivered by email? Well, you can deliver audio messages the same way!

Audio Postcards
These are quick audio messages that you send people via email. Unlive audio e-courses, mentioned above, these are single messages focused on a single topic. Often they are a sales message, calling the receiver to action. But sometimes, they are just a quick follow up message to keep in touch.

Podcasting and Internet Radio
These are little more effort-intensive, but very similar to teleseminars. The main difference being that they occur on a regular basis and cover a broader scope of topics.


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