BUSTED! More than One Information Product Creation Myth

by | Jan 15, 2010 | Creating Products

If you’ve embarked on your journey to create products from the information between your ears, you’ve likely fallen prey to one information product creation myth or another. Like any other major endeavor, there are myths that plague information product creation. They haunt the minds of beginners, slowing down their progress … sometimes even stopping them from moving forward altogether.

One of them is the myth that a lower price will lead to higher sales. I busted that myth is in Wednesday’s post, so today I’ll concentrate on the three most egregious myths that stop the potential success of so many entrepreneurs dead in their tracks.

Information Product Creation Myth 1: I Should Take My Time To Create a Perfect Product
One of my mentors, Adam Urbanski, has this to say about this myth: If something is worth doing, it is worth doing to start with.

You need to get it done and get it out there. You can always perfect your product in the second, third, and even fourth editions. Get your first version out there and see how it sells.

If it doesn’t sell well, it probably isn’t because you had some typos in it. It is probably because the product doesn’t answer a burning question or solve a painful challenge. It is much better to discover your product is mis-focused after a little bit of work than after years of getting it perfected.

Information Product Creation Myth 2: If I Create It They Will Come … And Buy It In Droves
Sorry … that only happens in the movies. You are going to need to market, promote, and get the word out about your product. People won’t just find it in enough numbers to create the kind of sales you and your product want or deserve.

You’ll want to make it easy to find on the Internet through on and off-page search engine optimization. You’ll want to get affiliates and joint venture partners promoting it. You may even want to advertise it through pay per click advertising, ezine advertising, or banner advertising.

Yes, it is work … but you need to make sure your target market not only knows your information product exists but why they should open their wallets and give you money for it.

Information Product Creation Myth 3: I Must Be the Sole Creator of the Content In My Infoproduct
This one is a myth that seems really hard to kill. But, no, you don’t need to be the sole creator of the content of your information product. Many very successful products were

  • written by ghost writers,
  • developed by contract workers, and
  • created as an interview series where the “creator” wasn’t even the expert!

You see, as an information product creator … you really only need to have the vision for the product, not necessarily the information to create it.


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