The Creative Spirit in Online Marketing

by | May 30, 2011 | Creativity, Marketing & Selling

creative spirit
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Online marketing is no different than any other form of marketing … at its core. You are trying to convey a message to your target audience; a message that your product or service will help them achieve their goals. And to do this you must be creative.

All marketing is a creative endeavor. Therefore, the unique insights of a creative professional … an artist, a writer, a chef, whatever … can be used to enhance and empower marketing efforts.

Many creative professionals are afraid of sales and marketing, and yet it is through these activities that you will sell the results of your creative expression. It is a necessary part of the process … unless, of course, you are only doing art for art’s sake and don’t care if anyone sees or appreciates what you are creating.

The creative spirit in online marketing is a flexible, adaptable beast. It pulses with the beat of commerce, and yet moves with the grace of artistry.

I hope this month’s posts have helped you see how you can use online marketing techniques to bring your creative expressions … whether they be on a canvas, a porcelain plate, celluloid or some other medium … to those who will most benefit and appreciate the effort.

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