The CAP Podcast, Episode 35: Invent Your Future

by | Sep 3, 2015 | C.A.P. Podcast, C.A.P. Podcast - Audio, Entrepreneurship, Planning Your Business

Paul David Walker on The C.A.P. Podcast

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If you want to create a future that is fulfilling, then it needs to be in alignment with your calling. In today’s episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, my guest is Paul David Walker, one of the early innovators of leadership consulting and coaching at the executive level. For more than 30 years he has successfully guided the CEOs and senior executive teams of such Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies as New York Life, Mutual of Omaha, and The City of Long Beach, as well as many other thriving organizations. He is the author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams, and Corporations and the recently released Invent Your Future: Starting with Your Calling.

During the podcast we dip our toes into the content found in Invent Your Future, as Walker shares what he calls “your calling” and how you might go about finding it.

For more information about Walker and his book, visit or You can find both his books on Amazon, as well:

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