There Is Always a Silver Lining

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Mindset, Video, Weekday Wisdom

Weekday Wisdom Episode 89

Do you ever feel like everything’s going wrong? That’s OK because there is a silver lining if you just look for it.

There is always a silver lining

For the last week or so I’ve been really feeling like the world’s a dark and callous place. I’ve been under a lot of stress because of my book and my hormones are all over the place. It’s having an effect on my otherwise sunny disposition.

Then something happened this past Friday. I read something that just had me in tears. And I mean sobbing at one point, too! It was a story about a woman who tried to rescue a cat that had been given up to the pound because it slept on its owner’s legs and the owner didn’t like that. And when she found someone to take care of it, it turned out that the pount had euthanized the cat moments after it had been turned over.

It just broke my heart that this poor cat got killed because it was sweet. Basically for no reason whatsoever. I kind of wallowed over the weekend, feeling like the world’s a dark and callous place. I wondered how there could be such a lack of kindness.

I have my moments. I’ve suffered from depression off and on throughout my life. I could have just let this get me. But then I remember all the things that are going right my life.

Yes, terrible things happen. You could be walking across the street and get hit by a car (Feb. 17, 2016). You could marry the wrong man who abuses you for 13 years (Oct. 1997). You could go out with another guy who ends up abusing you and ends up in prison and then you have to put all these precautions up because he’s coming out of prison next month (he’s released on July 2, 2018).

Terrible things happen.

But wonderful things happen, too.

I am so fortunate that I am currently married to my best friend. He’s awesome. He has my back. He loves me when I’m down. He loves me when I’m up. He tells me how awesome I am all the time. We have a lot in common and we really enjoy each other’s company.

And you know what? No matter how dark the cloud is in your life right now, there is a silver lining for you, too. You just have look for it. Trust me, you’ll find it.

Please remember this:
Think outside the box.
Spread your wings and fly.
Because you — yes you are right there — are capable of more than you know.

No matter how stark and sad the world may seem, the sun is on the other side. The silver lining is there. You just need to look for it.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode! If you did please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and while you’re putting your comment in there, let me know that you like the Weekday Wisdom. I like to know!

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