Power Thought: Take action now!

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Power Thoughts, Taking Action

George S Patton
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“A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”
~ George S. Patton

What this quote means for business:
What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting until you have enough training and education? Are you waiting for the right opportunity to come by? Are you waiting for your business and marketing plan to be just right?

The problem is you can wait until all your ducks are in a row, but by then they’ll be the wrong ducks.

Success favors action. When you take action now, even if it is imperfect action, you will make progress toward your goals. And you can course-correct along the way.

However, if you wait to take action, not only will you not move forward, but you may miss your golden opportunities — those opportunities that are only available to entrepreneurs in action.

At Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference last month, Larry Broughton said that no plan survives contact with the enemy. In business, this means that no matter how perfect your plan, something will happen or change that will require you to adjust your plan. You will need to course-correct regardless if your plan is perfect or not. So why wait for your plan to be perfect?

Act now. Start moving toward your vision now. There is no time like the present, so get off your duff and start moving toward your dreams.

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Now its your turn:
When has rapid action turned in your favor? When has inaction turned and bit you in the butt? How do you inspire yourself to take action? How do you decide when your plan of action is good enough to start? Share your insights and advice about today’s Power Thought in a comment below.


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