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by | Apr 30, 2014 | Power Thoughts, Self Discovey

William Jennings Bryan and Katia Winter

“Destiny isn’t a matter of chance, but of choice. What you choose to accept, can eventually become yours.”
~ Katrina van Tassel, played by Katia Winter,
Sleepy Hollow, Season 1, Episode 6, “The Sin-Eater”

“Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”
~ William Jennings Bryan

What these quotes mean to entrepreneurial authors:
Throughout my life, I’ve often found myself in a discussion of destiny and fate. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the topic and over time I’ve developed my own philosophy. To me, fate is specific and destiny is thematic.

Fate is the details, which are easily changed by making different choices. Destiny is more like a story arc, the details can change but the theme remains. For example, it may be my fate to meet John Doe tomorrow. However, if I change my mind about where I’m going, I never meet John. That said, if it is my destiny to do great things, then I will do great things … but those great things aren’t defined.

But what about choice? Well, you can fight your destiny. You can choose, and choose again, not to step into your journey and achieve the things you were meant to achieve. But the price is a life filled with frustration, angst and discomfort. When you are choosing to accept your destiny, your life is in flow. And, I believe, that destiny — like affirmations — is always expressed in positives. No one is destined to do terrible things … bad things are done by people choosing against their own good.

Just my opinion.

Now back to how this all relates to entrepreneurial authors: Are you waiting for your destiny to fulfill itself? Then it will never come.

You need to take charge of your fate, take action and step into your journey.

Where in your life and work are you experiencing what I like to call “the zone,” that place where everything seems to flow and what you are doing feels graceful and easy? Those are the moments where you are stepping into your journey and living up to your destiny.

Destiny waits for no one. It rewards those who own their awesome and live their life full out and courageously. It is not always easy — fear will often try to stop you. (Believe me. Been there. Done that. Sometimes still do.) But facing that fear is often part of the journey, it is the fire that forges you into what you were meant to be.

So step up. Bring it. Choose to accept your gifts and your path. Achieve your own brand of awesome greatness!

Now it’s your turn:
What are your thoughts on fate and destiny? How do today’s quotes fit into your philosophy? Do you agree or disagree with my definitions? In what way and why? Please share your thoughts and sage wisdom in a comment below.

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