Plan Backwards

by | Nov 20, 2009 | Planning Your Business

Sometimes, trying to think forward as you create your plan for 2010 is harder than thinking backwards. What do I mean by this? Well, you start off thinking of the end result you want to come away with by December 2010 and then work backwards on how you would go about achieving that goal.

So, take a look at your goal. What needs to happen right before that goal is accomplished? Then, what needs to be done before that step?

Keep thinking backwards like this until you arrive at either tasks you could do in January or you run out of “before that” steps. This will help you to attain the goal’s starting point.

It can also identify goals that are too ambitious to accomplish in one year. Go ahead and keep thinking backwards until you reach the point of no more “before thats” and then set a date for that first step and work forward until you uncover the true date that you can accomplish that goal.

Don’t worry if your list of things to do becomes several lists. In fact, that might be a very good thing — you can compartmentalize your projects and better delegate to vendors and members of your team.

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