Prime your Brain for Success with a Simple Morning Ritual

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset

May McCarthy, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author of The Path to Wealth, has a seven-step morning ritual that helps her activate her subconscious to help her achieve her goals.

one of the productivity secrets of self-made millionaires is having a sacred morning ritual
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According to Kevin Kruse, a New York Times bestselling author and a leadership expert, one of the productivity secrets of self-made millionaires is having a sacred morning ritual. He interviewed 200 entrepreneurs, including such successful business owners as Mark Cuban, Tom Ziglar and Pat Flynn. After analyzing their productivity advice, he identified six common traits related to their most productive days, the first of which was that they invest the first 30 to 60 minutes of the day in their body and mind.

Below are the seven steps that form McCarthy’s morning ritual.

1. Put yourself on your calendar. Clear out a time and space each morning to have a morning meeting with yourself. I use this time to write down at least five things that I’m grateful for or are blessing in my life. I also include a list of “celebrations” … things that I want to celebrate that happened the day before.

2. Read something that inspires you. As you read about the success of others, your mind will look for ways to make those kinds of successes familiar and normal for you. I’ve recently made a commitment to myself to read at least 5 pages a day of self-improvement books.

3. Write a gratitude letter. Express gratitude for what you have and also what you want as though you have already received it. This is something I’m thinking about incorporating into my morning routine. I learned about it while participating in Mike Dooley’s Love Your Life in 30 Days project. (

4. Read your gratitude letter out loud. Studies have shown that when we read something out loud, we anchor it into our subconscious, which will help us to notice more possibilities to make our statements true. This can be even more effective if read out loud in front of a mirror!

5. Visualize reaching your goals. Spend up to five minutes with your eyes closed imagining your goals achieved. What will that look like and feel like? Who will be there with you? If you can add feeling to your visualization, even better. It is the emotion around your visualization that really magnetizes it.

6. Now, listen to your subconscious mind. After finishing steps 1-5, go on with your day, but expect and watch every moment of the day for a sign, an intuition or a hunch that may lead to unexpected leads and opportunities. Active awareness magnetizes your goals even more.

7. Celebrate and express gratitude when something good happens that is related to what you want. Go a step further and write it in your gratitude journal!

The only thing that I would add to this ritual is the power stance. Dr. Amy Cuddy has found that holding your body in a power stance (think the Wonder Woman pose) for two minutes literally changes your body chemicals and increases confidence. It sounds — and feels — funny, but it’s very powerful. I’ve watched this simple exercise change people’s lives.

May McCarthy
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McCarthy has spent 32 years uncovering the mystery of how to rely on intuition to experience great levels of success, financial abundance and freedom. She has grown six profitable companies to as large as 250 employees and over $100 million in annual revenues. She serves on business, philanthropic, arts and university boards and is the author of the best-selling book The Path to Wealth.

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