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by | Apr 22, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

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Are you on Facebook? Then your book should be, as well. There are a few ways you can use Facebook to market your book and nurture your fan base of book buyers (and readers). Here are some ideas.

Facebook Pages
There are two basic ways you can use a Facebook page to market your book. If you have a nonfiction book, you can build a community around the book, like I have with Public Speaking Super Powers. I post updates, news and related information on the page and, once the book comes out, I’ll use the page to announce it and engage my audience with special Facebook-only activities

You can do the same thing with a fiction book, but if you are writing a series of fiction books with the same main character, you might consider having the Facebook page focus on the character instead. Then the posts can all come from the character and engage your readers in a fun, make believe way.

Facebook Groups
If you want to increase the interaction with your readers, a Facebook group might be a better idea. The group should focus on the topic of your book … not the book itself. In fact, the group is more useful as a tool for supporting your expertise, and thereby tangentially leading to sales of your book, than actually selling your book outright.

Facebook Events
Are you holding a book launch party, blog tour, teleseminar tour or virtual book reading? Will you be appearing as the guest on someone’s radio show or telesummit? All of these are events that you can create a Facebook event for and invite all your Facebook friends to. Attach the event to your book’s page and you can easily invite everyone who has already raised their hand and said they were interested in your book.

Viral Aspects of Facebook
If you’re holding a teleseminar, you can invite people to comment about it with their “aha!” moments on your Facebook page or profile. When they do this, it not only creates a kind of “chat room” for your attendees, but their posts will show up in all their connections’ feeds, creating a viral effect that expands your visibility.

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