Makeup and Self Love

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Mindset

In February, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. The resulting scars on my face have really been bothering me, especially the purple one down the middle of my forehead. So, I’ve been learning how to camouflage it with make up. This activity has helped me look in the mirror and begin to love myself again.

Makeup and self love

makeup brushesRecently, I received a set of makeup brushes in exchange for my honest review and decided to do a video showing my makeup routine.

Yes, this is a bit outside the norm of what I usually publish on this blog, but it is still in alignment. When you Own Your Awesome, it means loving yourself and treating yourself with love and care. For many, makeup is a part of that process. And these days I’ve found that applying makeup has been quite healing.

Before and after makeup - full face

Before and after applying makeup.

Before and after makeup - forehead close up

Before and after applying makeup — close up of my forehead scar.

As you can see with these photos, the scar isn’t hidden. However, it is camouflaged enough that most people don’t even notice my scar unless I mention it.

The journey to emotional healing after my accident is progressing in fits and spurts: Sometimes I’m my usually self; other times I’m really not. And that’s OK. One’s Awesome ebbs and flows, rises and falls, and everything is perfect.!

Websites Mentioned in the Video

Grab a set of your own makeup brushes on Amazon.

Check out the work of my makeup artist Kat Laskey.


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