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Living In Gratitude by Angeles Arrien
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Hardcover Kindle
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I recently read an amazing book that has inspired me to take my every day practice of gratitude up a notch, and I invite you to join me.

I initially read the book to review for The New York Journal of Books. You can read my review of it here.

The book is organized so that you can take each month and focus on a particular aspect of gratitude. The author, Angeles Arrien, encourages the reader to engage with the book alone or as part of a group.

This inspired me.

So I decided to start a virtual group. So that members will have at least some vested interest in doing the “homework,” I’ve decided to charge a nominal $7/month fee to join the group. We’ll “meet” over the phone once a month to check in and to state our intentions for the coming month.

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This is a 12-month program only. We can decide as a group if we want to continue for a second year.

If you join the group between now and December 16, you will receive as a bonus the PDF version of my annotated Character Building Thought Power for no cost. I usually sell this ebook for $14.99. Additional support material and handouts may be available through out the year, as appropriate.

How To Participate

  • Purchase a copy of Angeles Arrien’s book Living in Gratitude. You can purchase it at Amazon in hardcover or for the Kindle using the links above, or get a copy at your favorite local bookstore.
  • Register for the study group that I’ll be leading. I will invite you to a private Facebook group where we can interact throughout the year, as well as keep you posted on when the once-monthly calls will be scheduled. This is a 12-month program only. We can decide as a group if we want to continue for a second year.
  • Commit to being grateful for all the things in your life, for the more you appreciate, the more you have to appreciate!

The first call will be scheduled for sometime the first full week of January. Date and time is to be determined.

Would you be interested in an in-person group that met in Long Beach, Calif.? If there are enough people, I will make arrangements for in-person group to meet once a month in Long Beach. If you are interested, please contact me.

NOTE: I am creating this group completely on my own and am not affiliated in any way with Angeles Arrien.

Monthly Topics from Living in Gratitude

  • January – Begin anew
  • February – Attend to the heart
  • March – Compassionate service
  • April – Mercy and atonement
  • May – The gift of grace
  • June – The Power of equanimity
  • July – Embracing nature
  • August – Cultivating peace
  • September – Opening to guidance and wisdom
  • October – Letting be and letting go
  • November – Grateful seeing
  • December – The mystic heart
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Benefits of Gratitude

Sprinkled through out the book, Arrien shares research that illustrates the benefits of gratitude. Here are a few of them pulled from the book:

For Health
The studies of Dr. Michael McCollough (University of Miami) and Dr. Robert Emmons (U.C. Davis) “have shown that regularly and deliberately expressing appreciation and genuine thankfulness improves health and well-being. Study participants who kept gratitude journals and practiced self-guided exercises slept better, exercised more, experienced increased positive emotions, progressed toward personal goals more quickly, and helped others more often.”

John Demartini, developer of the Demartini Method, “discovered that the more people count their blessings and give gratitude, the more their health and sense of well-being increase.”

“Studies of the physiological effects of positive emotions related to gratitude — namely appreciation and compassion — suggest that changes for the better reliably occur in cardiovascular and immune functioning. In other words, the more we extend gratitude, appreciation and compassion, the healthier our heart and immune system become.”

For Relationships
Couples who express more gratitude and appreciation for each other stay together longer. “John Gottman’s two decades of research … reveals that couples who expres at least a five-to-one ratio of appreciations to complaints stay married and increase their longevity together. Those who have more complaints than appreciation are more apt to divorce or separate.”

For Happiness
“Researcher Robert Emmons … confirms that grateful people are less lonely, bitter, isolated, unforgiving or indifferent…. Everett Worthington … notices that people who forgive find greater peace and acceptance, and the return of hope fosters more well-being.”

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