The three steps to an effective online presence

by | Mar 28, 2012 | Marketing & Selling

The three steps to an effective online presence
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What people find when they “Google” you or your business is your online presence. Do you know what it’s saying about you? You should … and you can manage it so that it overwhelmingly attracts better prospects, projects and opportunities.

“How?” you ask. Follow this three-step process:

Step One: Get focused and create a strategic plan

Take some time to assess where you are and who you want to find you. Then create a strategic plan that leverages what you have and what you can develop so that it moves you toward your goal. This includes:

  • Evaluating and possibly revamping your website
  • Managing, integrating and automating your social media activities
  • Developing a content development plan that actively attracts ideal prospects

Step Two: Implement you strategic plan

You don’t need to do this all on your own. You can automate some tasks and hire out others. But that strategic plan needs to be in place first so that you make the right choices of what to do with your time, as well as who to hire to help you move forward.

Step Three: Revenue development

There are several ways you can develop the revenue streams for your business, and they should be mentioned in your strategic plan. When considering the available options, such as

  • Free gifts with opt-in
  • Digital products
  • Live, virtual products and services
  • Live, in-person products and services

you need to consider your strengths (as well as the strengths of your business), the desires of your ideal market, your budget, and the technology you have available to deliver your products and services.

I can help you move through these steps. Check out my coaching options and contact me for a free initial consultation.


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