What is the lesson here?

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Mindset, Video

Are you a hummingbird or a finch in this situation?

Back in April, I shot a few videos for my blog … and then completely forgot about them! Here is one that calls back to the hummingbird analogy post I published earlier, which you can read here.

When we come up with resistance or challenges or blocks in our life, there are two things they can represent:

  1. A lesson you need to learn, or
  2. A notice from the Universe that you are off your path.

Understanding which you are experiencing is not always obvious. Sometimes you need to dig deep to uncover the answer. Other times you need to gain a new perspective, either by changing the direction from which you are observing the challenge or by getting third party input.

But coming to that realization is critical to your success in life and business. Giving up when you should be overcoming the obstacle prevents you from reaping the harvest of the seeds you’ve sown. And, plugging away at something that is off your path is an energy drain that keeps you from fully stepping into your brilliance.

Therefore, I suggest when you come up against a particularly persistent challenge, take a step back and find out which kind of obstacle it really is.


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