Increasing Your Money Speedometer

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Mindset

Increasing Your Money Speedometer

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Last week, I shared how to discover your money speedometer and I suggested that you create a new one that will stretch you. However, writing down your new, desired money speedometer is one thing, actually achieving it is another.

Here are some tips for consistently increasing your money speedometer:

Inner Game

Make a decision: Decide that you are going to increase your income.
Sometimes, it is as simple as making a decision. Once you’ve made that decision, you can start taking the actions necessary to support that decision.

Give yourself permission: Allow yourself to create and accept that increase.
Sometimes, we block ourselves from income increases because we don’t believe we are worthy of it. In addition to deciding to make more, you also need to give yourself permission. This may require you to do some inner work to make that permission stick, but you can do this.

Create safety: Realize that it is safe to make more money.
Sometimes the idea of making more money can be scary. Uncover why you fear an increased income. Convince yourself that it is safe for you to earn more money. Again, this may require some inner work, but it also could include asking someone important in your life if they would support and be happy for you if you were to make more.

Outer Game

Ask for more money: Raise your prices and offer higher-prices products and services.
It may sound obvious, but if you charge more, you’ll make more. If you are afraid that you’ll lose clients if you charge more, ponder this:

When you price yourself too low, you attract lower-quality clients.
When your prices are too low, the clients who take you up on your offers are more likely to not value what you have to offer and less likely to achieve the results you promise. These clients are often harder to work with and can be overly demanding.

Increase your number of products, services or clients: Hold more events per year, sell and/or create more products and services, and increase the number of clients you serve.
If you hold one event a year, plan for two in the New year. If you have only one product or service, diversify and offer some spinoffs. If you work primarily with 1-on-1 clients, start offering group programs. Uncover ways that you can sell more to earn more.

Diversify and multiply: Re-purpose your content and make what you offer available on new platforms. Taking your content and making it available via multiple formats and technologies is a very powerful and leveraged strategy. Turn your text offerings into audio and video offerings. Make versions of your content available on the Kindle. Be creative and have fun.

Also, you can find new clients by making yourself visible on new platforms. These platforms can be in your community (such as networking meetings) or online (such as services such as PopExpert). If you do live events or speaking, you can even increase the locations you’re willing to travel to.

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