Fill Up Your Funnel with Info-Products

by | Oct 5, 2008 | Creating Products, Marketing & Selling

Information products, or info products, have been around for a very long time. Maps of cities, counties, and countries? Info-products! The Buns of Steel videotapes (now on DVD)? Info-products! Nonfiction books you buy at the store? Info-products! Cookbooks, documentaries, manuals, motivational tapes, how-to videos … if it imparts knowledge, it’s an info-product.

Until the Internet took off, creating and distributing information products was a bit more difficult. You needed to have the funds to create the product, duplicate the product, market the product, and ship the product out to customers. Some early information marketers considered themselves in the “mail order” business; others, the “catalog” business; and yet others, the “booklet” business. But really, they were all in the information marketing business!

Nowadays, you can find information products in a wide variety of formats, niches, and fields. There are audio CDs, downloadable MP3s, paperback books, ebooks, DVDs, downloadable videos, and so much more.

Why am I telling you all this? So you’ll better understand what I’m about to say: If you are in a business that depends on your expertise — a coach, a speaker, an alternative healthcare provider, whatever — you are in the information marketing business. You are in the business of marketing your expertise, your skills, and your information. Therefore, when you are building your practice’s marketing funnel, you should sincerely consider adding information products to the mix.

You can use them as attraction tools — free or low-cost products that attract your ideal clients and weed out those who are not so ideal. You can use them as lead generation devices (which is akin to attraction tools, but slightly different). You can even use them to create additional streams of income!

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