The Fear Factor: Tackling Top 5 Anxieties About Writing Your First Business Book

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If you are like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the idea of writing your first book might feel like standing on a high ledge hooked up to a zip line, filled with the exhilarated anticipation of zipping through the beautiful Amazon rainforest and a whisper of fear about the same thing. Perhaps your heart races with the dream of turning your expertise into a lead-attracting, authority-building, or thought leadership-establishing book. Yet, at the same time, a shadow of doubt lurks, questioning your sanity for even entertaining the idea.

Fear not! In this article, I will address the top five fears that most visionary entrepreneurs may experience when writing their first book and turn them around so that you can confidently move forward with your book.

1. Fear of Insignificance

Insignificance Do the voices in your head whisper, “It’s a crowded market. Are you sure you’ll be heard?” Then the fear of your book not making an impact has locked your keyboard. Here are some mindset shifts that can free up your keys:

  • Identify Your Niche: Focus on a specific area of your expertise. This helps in creating a more targeted and impactful message. Remember that you are not writing your book for everyone, you are writing it for those you were meant to serve. Focus on them.
  • Build a Connection with Your Audience: Now that you have identified your target market, engage with them. Understanding your potential readers’ needs and interests can make your book more relevant and significant to them.
  • Embrace Your Unique Perspective: Understand that your individual experiences and insights provide a unique angle that can resonate with your audience. Remember, your unique perspective and insights are what will differentiate your book.

Once you’ve accomplished these three things, it will become much easier to visualize the impact your book will have on your readers. This visualization can help overcome feelings of doubt about your book’s significance.

2. Fear of Public Criticism

Fear of Public CriticismDo you fear that one bad review and things could turn south? I understand that the possibility of public criticism or rejection can be intimidating. However, I’ve lived through bad reviews. Sure, it hurts, but then you pick yourself up, brush off the dust, and learn from those reviews so that your next book is better.

Cultivate resilience by focusing on your core message and the impact you want to make. Remember: Constructive feedback is a stepping stone to improvement, not a roadblock.

3. Fear of Overextension

OverextensionDo you secretly think that writing a book is a huge distraction, and wonder if you’re not jeopardizing your business for vanity’s sake? This is the fear of overextension trying to hold you back.

Of course, balancing the demands of writing your book with running a business is a real concern. However, effective time management and setting realistic goals can help you navigate this challenge. Remember, writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint.

That’s why although a book can be written in 30 days or less, I based my program on a 90-day container, and provide support beyond that, as well. Sometimes, the unexpected happens and you need to slow the pace of your writing. That’s O.K.

You are in control and there is no requirement that you jump through fiery hoops to get your book done.

4. Fear of Failure

Fear of FailureDo you sometimes look in the mirror and ask yourself, “A book? That’s ambitious. Let’s be real – do you seriously have what it takes to be an author?” The dread of your book not achieving the desired impact can be paralyzing for some.

Shift this mindset by defining what success means to you. There are so many ways that you can make an impact. Whether it’s reaching a new audience, sharing valuable insights, or building your brand, every step forward is progress.

A greater failure would be not to write your book. When you don’t even try to write and publish your book, that book goes to the Cemetery of Books that Never Were.

But worse yet is what happens to you: You become forever haunted by the ghost of the Book that Never Became, always wondering “what if.”

I don’t want that for you! It is better to make the attempt and fail than never to try … especially nowadays when creating a book has become so easy. So please, don’t go to your grave with your book unwritten!

5. Fear of Brand Misalignment

Fear of Brand MisalignmentAre you anxious that your book may not truly represent your brand? Are you worried that you might drift off-course and end up with a book that doesn’t align with the image and principles you’ve worked so hard to build in your business?

I understand how crucial it is for every page, every chapter to resonate with your business’s core values and message. That’s why I advocate a strategic approach to crafting your business-growing book:

Following these tips will help you silence those misalignment anxieties and ensure that your book meshes well with your brand.


Writing your first business book is indeed a brave endeavor. But with the right mindset, support, and strategies, you can turn your fears into fuel for your author’s journey. Your book is not just a collection of pages; it’s a legacy that showcases your expertise and passion. Embrace the challenge, and let your story inspire and impact your industry.


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