Entrepreneur FAQ: What is the difference between an interest and a passion?

by | Nov 26, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, FAQs, Mindset, Self Discovey

Now that’s a doozy of a question, for all passions are interests, but not all interests are passions. When you are interested in something, you hold a sense of curiosity about that something. But, a passion is something much more … it has a stronger push, pull, and draw.

A passion is something that drives you. For example, I’m interested in dogs, but I’m passionate about my dog. Another example, I’m interested in stamp collecting, but I haven’t really worked on my collection for years … I’m not passionate about it.

Now, when it comes to business, passion means something a bit less concrete. For example, one of my passions in life is creativity, and I express it in many, many ways: cooking, writing, product development, the occasional art project, etc. So, how does this passion of mine express itself in my business? In the products I develop, in the ideas I share with my clients, in the types of clients I am most attracted to serve. It is expressed in how I design my websites, how I offer my services, how I express my message.

Bottom line: The difference between an interest and a passion is the underlying energy that propels it forward.

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