Why We Don’t Own Our Awesome

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Mindset, Self Discovey

why we don't own our awesome
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On Sept. 19, 2013, I spoke during a Speechcraft meeting held at The Center Long Beach about three reasons we may not own our awesome … in other words, why we may not be fully true to ourselves in all areas of our lives.

Can you relate to any of these reasons?

  • Believing the lie that we aren’t good enough or faulty in some way
  • Forgetting how to walk our path
  • Believing that by shining our light we dim the light of others

If not, what’s your excuse for not owning your awesome? How have you avoided stepping into your brilliance? How have you empowered yourself to own and embrace your unique genius? Please share your insights, advice and wisdom in a comment below.

Would you like to book Carma to speak at your event? For information on how to book me to speak at your event, go to www.carmaspence.com/speaker.

For more information about The Center: centerlb.org
For more information about Toastmasters and its Speechcraft program: www.toastmasters.org/speechcraft


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