Do You Enjoy What You Do? What Wham! Can Teach You About a Business Mindset

by | Dec 19, 2009 | Mindset

I’m probably dating myself here, but I really liked the first Wham! album. The other day, I was looking through YouTube to find the “Wham! Rap” so I could listen to it in the background and, as I listened, I realized that in between all the silly lyrics were some really important messages.

“Make the claims on your names”
Each and everyone of us was born with a purpose. If you choose not to fulfill your purpose, then you are not only depriving others of the benefit you were born to provide, but you deprive yourself of living your best life.

“Folks can be a drag if work ain’t your bag”
Are you working with client vampires? You know what I’m talking about … those clients that just seem to suck the life out of you. Working with clients that aren’t a good fit for you and your personality can actually convince you that you’re not in the right business … even if you are.

“You’re more dead than alive in a nine to five”
Many entrepreneurs start their own business because they want to take control of their lives … only to discover that they’ve just invented their won job. Are you working the hours you want to? If you’re a morning person, then nine to five might work well for you. But if you aren’t … maybe you need to create a different work schedule that works better for you.

“Do you enjoy what you do? If not just stop. Don’t stay there and rot!”
If I’ve said it once, I know I’ve said it a thousand times: You need to be passionate about what you do or you will whither and melt away. Does your business fulfill you? If not … don’t stay there and rot … create the business of your dreams!

“If you listen real hard you can hear the sound
Of a million people switching off for work.”

It is a sad truth, but the corporate world is not only not for everyone, it seems to pull in many who aren’t meant to be there and keep them in a zombie-like trance. If you find yourself switching off, take it as a wake up call that something needs to change.

“Make the most of everyday.
Don’t let hard times stand in your way.”

Each day is a blessing. Seek out the positives that happen every day and you’ll not only make it through, you’ll thrive.

“Now I reach up high and touch your soul.”
Isn’t that what owning a business you love is really about?


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