How to Deliver Your Speech: 3 Tips

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Marketing & Selling, Video

Part 4 of 4 videos from Carma’s WMA presentation

How to Deliver Your Speech
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On October 22, 2013, I was one of three panelists sharing information about public speaking at the Western Museums Association’s 2012 Annual Meeting in Palm Springs, California. In this excerpt from my part of the presentation, I share three tips for delivering your speech more effectively.

The three tips I provided were:

  • Vary your voice, from volume to pitch to speed
  • Maintain good eye contact with your audience
  • Use your body to effectively communicate your message

In summary, when you vary your voice, connect with your audience by looking at them in the eye (or at least appearing to) and use your body language effectively, you can keep your audience engaged and interested.

For a copy of the slides used in this video, click here.

Did you miss the first three videos? You can view the here:

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