Creating a Mini-E-book – Finding Time to Create Information Products

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Creating Products, Video

One of the questions I get a lot is, “Where do I find the time to create an information product?”

Here’s the thing: If you think you have to create something big and complex like a 6-month program or even a 200-page book, yes, you’ll need to set aside a sizeable chunk of time to get that done.

But your first information product … heck, your first several information products … don’t have to be that big! You can create a mini-e-book (even a series of mini e-books) in about a day or two per book. I explain how in this video:

Here are the steps outlined again:

Step 1: Create a mind map about your topic.

Step 2: Choose five subtopics from your mind map and write them at the top of five sheets of lined paper, one per piece of paper.

Step 3: Take the favorite one of the five, and write down all the different subtopics of that topic you could write about.

Step 4: Write a paragraph or two about each of these sub-topics.

Step 5: Massage and organize what you’ve got now. Turn this into a first draft of your manuscript.

Step 6: Send this document to an editor to make sure you have not typos, your grammar is correct and that your copy makes sense.

Step 7: Create a compelling cover with a juicy title, and upload to Kindle!

As a guideline, if you’re aiming to create a Kindle’s short read mini-e-book, here is Amazon’s category guidelines:

  • 15 mins (1-11 ppg)
  • 30 minutes (12-21 ppg)
  • 45 minutes (22-32 ppg)
  • One hour (33-43 ppg)
  • 90 minutes (44-64 ppg)
  • Two hours or more (65-100 ppg)

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