Creating Information Products: An Overview

by | Apr 10, 2010 | Creating Products

Last week I discussed how to make money selling information products. This week, I want to answer a few common questions about creating information products.

What is an information product?

An information product is something you create that imparts knowledge to another. It can demonstrate how to do something, provide advice or educate. Although it may be entertaining, this is not its main goal. The goal of an information product is to share information about a specific topic with others.

How can I deliver my information products?

Because information products are made up of, well, information, you have many options for delivery. You can deliver information products digitally over the Internet or physically, delivered in person or through the mail. You can even have two versions of your information product, one digitally and the other physical.

What type of information product should I create?

Your information product should be something your target market wants that is related to your body of knowledge. For example, if you are a dog trainer, the most appropriate information product would involve training dogs.

What format should my information product be in?

That depends on the information you are imparting and who you are communicating with. Your information product should use the format that best communicates the information based on the type of information and the preferences of your target market.

For example, should you deliver a virtual teleseminar or a live workshop? Well, if most of your audience does not live in one area and travel could be an issue, a virtual teleseminar might be a better option. However, a live workshop could attract new prospects and be perceived as having a higher value. You need to make a strategic choice that best supports your goal for the information product.


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