Online Video Marketing Options

by | Apr 12, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

online video marketing options
There are three main types of video you can use in your online video marketing: talking head (or heads), slideshows and screen captures. When it comes to using video to increase sales conversions, I understand that the difference between these types is so small that it doesn’t make much of a difference which you use. So it really is a matter of preference and the equipment you have on hand.

Talking Head Videos
You’ve seen this type of online video all over the Web. Basically it is a video of a person (or persons) talking about a subject. It could be a presentation, a conversation, a testimonial … whatever. These can be professionally created with a slick background and high resolution video, or they can be created with a simple Flip camera on the fly. Both can work very well, depending on the goal of the video and the target market it is aimed at.

This type of video helps viewers “get to know” the person in the video. They are very good at building a virtual sense of relationship, building trust and credibility and adding a personal touch to your video.

Slideshow Videos
This type of video is fairly easy to create. You can use PowerPoint and screen capture software or you can use video editing software and some images. Either way, this type of video consists of a series of images or slides that the viewer can look at and read as either music plays or a person talks.

This type of video is good for sharing information, facts and figures. However, with the right imagery it can also create an emotional response. I’ve used photographs of myself in this type of video and some people have remembered the video as if it was a talking head type.

Screen Capture Videos
For this type of video, you will need screen capture software. For longer, more robust videos, Camtasia is the most commonly used. But for quick video, there are some free or inexpensive options available such as CamStudio and Snagit.

Basically what happens in this type of video is you turn the screen capture video on, and then you talk into a microphone as you do the actions on your computer that you want others to follow along. This is an excellent way to create training videos, especially if you are demonstrating how something works.


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