Characteristics of your Awesome Avatar: Kindness, smarts, risks and affection

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Evoking your Awesome Avatar,Characteristics of your Awesome Avatar: Kindness, smarts, risks and affectionPart 4
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In this fourth excerpt of the The CAP Podcast, Episode 18, I talk about the final four characteristics of heroism, developed by Temple University psychologist Frank Farley, PhD, and how they apply to your Awesome Avatar.

No hero has all of six traits, however the more an individual has, the greater their heroism is likely to be valued.

In this excerpt, I discussed these traits:

  • Kind, Loving, Generous: Although Gen. George S. Patton is still regarded as a hero to many, his regard never recovered when he slapped one of his soldiers in the face. “The American public was revolted by that,” says Dr. Farley. “He wasn’t kind to his men.”
  • Skill, Expertise, Intelligence: According to Dr. Farley, a hero’s success should stem from his talents and intelligence. This is why characters like Angus MacGyver, the television hero who could use science and his wits to solve almost any problem, are so popular. It is also why Albert Einstein and Dian Fossey are thought of as heroes.
  • Risk-Taking: “Risk-taking is such a key ingredient to the character of heroes,” says Dr. Farley. Without the willingness to take risks, Lee Iacocca wouldn’t have been successful in business, Yuri Gagarin would not have been the first man in space and Mahatma Gandhi would not have freed India of British rule.
  • Objects of Affection: Not many heroes are unlikable. To truly be a hero, you must have fans, people who feel affection for you.

For more information about the six characteristics, read this blog post.

You can listen to the full podcast, as well as view other video excerpts, here.


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