Celebrate You! 2015 Exercise, Day 30

by | Aug 30, 2015 | 2015 Celebrate You!, Behind the Scenes, Celebrate You!

Let’s start collecting smiles.

I’ve often been told that I have a lovely smile, that when I smile even my eyes smile. I accept this because I’ve seen it in others, too. I once met a fellow who when he smiled it seemed like the light of God shone through his eyes. (Weird, because he wasn’t exactly the nicest or most spiritual guy, either.)

Anyway, smiles are almost as contagious as laughter … and they convey health benefits, too. When you smile, even if you force yourself to, you activate neural messengers that positively affect your health and happiness. Neuropeptides – proteins in your brain that help your neurons communicate with each other – are released. These tiny chemicals help fight stress. Specifically, when you flash a smile, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released. Dopamine helps you feel good. Endorphins help alleviate pain. And serotonin can act as an antidepressant. Together, they help you relax, lower your heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

Today’s Journal Exercise:

Today, you’re going to collect as many smiles as you can. At the top of the next clean page in your journal, write “My Smile Collection for Aug. 30, 2015.” If you’re feeling bold, set yourself a quota — no less than five. This is the number of smiles — from others — you are going to collect.

Now go out and search for those smiles! Do whatever you can to get people to smile at you. As you get those smiles (or later, if its more convenient) jot them down. Log in your journal where, who and how nice the smile was. If you’re feeling really saucy, rate the smile too.

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a special Smile Log. You can download, print and carry it with you throughout the day to log those smiles. Simply click on the PDF icon to the left, or on this link to download your log now — no opt-in required.

At the end of the day, review your collection of smiles, then journal about how this exercise made you feel.

Daily Challenge:
Take pictures of some — or all — of those smiles you collect. Share your favorites with us in the Facebook group and be sure to include the #CelebrateYou hashtag.


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