Can Anyone Do Public Speaking?

by | Nov 17, 2010 | Marketing & Selling

can anyone speak in public?
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I’m currently in the process of interviewing more than 80 business owners and professionals speakers about essential skills for success in public speaking for a book I’m writing. The first question I ask them is “Do you believe public speaking is a learned skill or something you are born being able to do?”

So far, 97% of them have answered that they believed it was a combination. Basically, the consensus seems to be that everyone can be good at public speaking with some training, but the great orators are most likely born with “the right stuff.”

So, yes, anyone can do public speaking. You just need to get up in front on an audience and practice, practice, practice.

Some people like to practice in front of a mirror. Others in front of a video camera. Several have shared their story with me of practicing in front of their dog … if the dog falls asleep, the speech didn’t do its job.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to practice public speaking in front of an actual human audience. And many of these opportunities will provide you with constructive feedback to help you improve your presentation skills.

Community College Speech Classes
Many local community colleges have speech classes that you can take for a reasonable fee. These courses not only afford you the opportunity to give a presentation in front of a live, human audience, but you’ll also be given plenty of tips, pointers and advice for successful public speaking.

Toastmasters Groups
I was a Toastmaster several years back and am considering re-joining now that I’m moving to Long Beach. In fact, this weekend I looked up local clubs in my new neighborhood and found two that were within walking distance of my new home. I’m sure that you can find a Toastmasters club near you that meets at a convenient time for your schedule.

Other Speech Clubs
Sometimes, business owners, students or other groups will form their own speech club. Keep an eye out for these, as well … or start your own! Check out to see if there is already one in your area.

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What is your biggest challenge around giving presentations?
Join the conversation on Facebook or ask your question in the reply box below! If you’re feeling really creative, you can send me a voice mail or post a video with your question. I’ll post answers to your questions on the Public Speaking Super Powers blog. And, if you like, I’ll give you credit to! For more information on how to ask your public speaking questions, watch this video.

“If Public Speakers Were Superheroes,
What Would Their Super Powers Be?”

And Could YOU Develop Those Powers Too?

Carma’s new book, Public Speaking Super Powers, will show you the essential skills you need to successfully use public speaking in your life, work and business, and how to develop them. Culled from personal experience and the wisdom of more than 80 business owners and professional speakers, the information in this book will inspire you to unleash your inner public speaking superhero.

Pop on by to order your copy now and sign up to receive updates, tips for better speaking, and more.


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