Branding Tips: Online Video

by | Mar 14, 2011 | Marketing & Selling

online video
Do you post video content on your blog, website, YouTube or Facebook? Are you making sure that video is an expression of your brand? Here are some ways that I brand my online video:

Opening Image
All the videos I do for a specific brand and a standard opening image. Fore example, all the videos I’m doing for my Public Speaking Super Powers book open with this image:


Create a branded image that you use for your title slide so that when someone starts to watch one of your videos, they know right away that its one of yours.

Select music that becomes associated with your brand. Again, I have “super power” sounding music that opens and closes my Public Speaking Super Powers videos. This music is very different from the music I use for my The Genre Traveler brand.

You, no doubt, have a signature style of speaking and conveying your message. This signature style becomes a part of your brand when you are doing “live” videos. But you can also create a signature look and feel you are creating slide show type videos, as well.

Basically, when someone watches one of your videos … if they know it is one of yours without you beating them over the head with that fact, you’ve done a good job with branding your online video.


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