Ge Your Book In the Door - Book 4 in the Authorneer's Journey Series

Publish Date: May 2024

Unlock the Power of Your Book:

Turn Your Published Pages into an Unstoppable Lead-Generation Machine

Introducing: Get Your Book In the Door

Get Your Book In the Door: How to Launch, Market, and Leverage Your Book to Attract the Best Leads is a blueprint for turning your published work into the ultimate tool for business growth. Crafted by award-winning author Carma Spence, this book distills decades of marketing communications and public relations expertise into actionable steps.

The Harsh Reality Most Authors Face

The Harsh Reality Most Authors Face

You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing this book, haven’t you? All those long nights of putting pen to paper, refining every hard-hitting idea and game-changing insight.

But now you face a harsh reality – having your pride and joy get drowned out by the thousands of other books flooding Amazon each day. All that effort, only for your brilliant work to get lost in the endless digital shelves.

The Solution: Get Your Book In The Door

What if instead of gathering digital dust bunnies, your book could be THE shining flare that puts you on the map as the premier expert? The one turning heads and pulling in a gravitational force of new clients, opportunities, and industry respect?

That’s exactly what Get Your Book In The Door can deliver. If you’re courageous enough to roll up your sleeves and do the work, this is your blueprint for transforming those published pages from just another book on the virtual shelves into an around-the-clock lead generation machine.

, your book could be THE shining fla
Unfair Advantage

What’s Inside: An Unfair Advantage

Written by Carma Spence after decades of PR and marketing mastery, this isn’t just another book about books. It’s an unfair advantage equipping you with the step-by-step roadmap to position your book as:

  • Your BEST Salesperson
  • A Prestige Amplifier
  • A Sustainable Client Pipeline

Simple Tactics, Massive Impact

The best part? You don’t have to be a best-selling author or marketing maverick to cash in on these benefits. That’s because Carma breaks down easy-to-implement book launch and promotion tactics like:

  • Engineering Irresistible Buzz
  • Magnetic Positioning Hacks
  • An Automated Lead Generation System

Beyond Business: Ascending to True Influence

But way beyond the business growth, this book is your access key to ascending into new levels of influence, impact, and industry celebration.

Just imagine…

  • Prestigious Media Features
  • Paid Speaking Opportunities
  • Higher Quality Clients

This is the level of success you could unleash by leveraging your book as the powerful prospecting engine it can truly be. The gateway to opportunities, accolades, and financial windfalls you may have never anticipated.

All you need is Get Your Book In The Door.

Ascending to True Influence

Leverage This Power and Never Look Back

You have the potential for an entirely new reality awaiting you. One of influence, wealth, and getting duly celebrated as the reigning expert you are.

Get Your Book In The Door, the fourth book in The Authorneer’s Journey series, reveals how to ignite that hype-worthy transformation using your book as the catalyst. But you have to take decisive action.

Get your copy this May on Amazon and never look back on obscurity, self-doubt, or opportunities missed.

The choice to flip the script on what’s possible is yours.


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Thank You

Your journey, your growth, and your success are what this book is all about. Thank you for choosing to embark on this path with Get Your Book in the Door. Here’s to transforming your expertise into a business growing legacy, together.

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