The Authorneer’s Journey Series

The Authorneer's Journey Series
Pathway to a book

Embark on The Authorneer’s Journey, a new book series designed for entrepreneurs ready to harness the power of authorship and propel their business to the next dimension.

As an entrepreneur, your journey is unique, and integrating a book into your business strategy is a bold step toward establishing your authority and expanding your reach. This series is your indispensable companion, guiding you through every milestone of your author’s journey with wisdom, strategies, and actionable insights.

Each book in the series is a beacon, illuminating the path from the spark of an idea to creating a thriving book-infused business. Whether you’re drafting your first outline or ready to leverage your published work, these books provide the roadmap you need to navigate the terrain of authorship with confidence and creativity.

Titles and Projected Release Dates:

It all starts with an idea cover

It All Starts with an Idea (January 2024)

Discover how to identify the right idea to attract leads to your business.

All You Need Is the Right Roadmap cover

All You Need Is the Right Roadmap (February 2024)

Draft a powerful outline that includes what your readers expect, what they are looking for but not finding, and keeps you on track to completion.

Book 3 - Cover Reveal

Book 3 (March 2024)

Book 4 - Cover Reveal

Book 4 (April 2024)

Book 5 - Cover Reveal

Book 5 (May 2024)

The Authorneer’s Journey Series is more than a series of books—it’s a transformational experience that blends the art of writing with the science of business growth. Join us on this adventure and redefine what it means to be an entrepreneurial author.

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