Book Review: “Chakra Awakening” by Margaret Ann Lembo

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Mindset, Reviews

Title: Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy and The Power of Positive Thought
By Author: Margaret Ann Lembo
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
Available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. You can find it at other online and offline booksellers, as well.

Summary of Chakra Awakening

Chakra Awakening is part New Age spiritual guide and part alternative healing guide. Author Margaret Ann Lembo draws on both ancient spiritual wisdom and the law of attraction to create a solid primer on how to activate and balance the seven main chakras (energy centers in the body that influence a wide variety of physical and mental processes). The book focuses on using gems, crystals, colors, essential oils, and other tools to foster healing and well-being.

What I liked about Chakra Awakening

Lembo uses very clear language and the book seems to be well-researched. Although the content could lean to a vaguely woo-woo side, she grounds everything in solid, actionable language. All the terms that might be new or unfamiliar to you are clearly defined so that you know exactly what she’s talking about. The color photo guide in the middle of the book is very helpful for identifying gemstones.

What I didn’t like about Chakra Awakening

Although the title of the book made me think that Chakra Awakening would have something to offer in the realm of Law of Attraction, a topic I do cover on this blog, it was more of a practical guide. I enjoy using it and found it a valuable resource in my life, but struggled on how to fit a review for it here.

What I’d Love to See in the Second Edition

I think this book would be greatly enhanced with enhanced media. I’d love to see video and PDF downloads (especially of the reference charts in the back) made available that would show more of what is “told” in the book. A map of the chakras and where they are in the body would be helpful, as well.


If you are interested in working with crystals and chakras, this is a great guidebook. Also, it gives you information on the subtle meanings of color, which could make your marketing collateral more effective. This book isn’t for everyone, but it was a fascinating read and I look forward to using it some more in the future.


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NOTE: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you’ve read past book reviews, you’ll know that I don’t pull my punches when I believe they are warranted. I also try to provide balanced information so you can make your own decision to read or not read the book, even if you disagree with my opinion.


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