Are you authentically you?

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Authenticity, Self Discovey

Have you ever looked into the mirror and not recognized what you saw?
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Photo: (c) Pavel Losevsky |; Design: Carma Spence

Have you ever looked into the mirror and not recognized what you saw? That happened to me. After 13 years of hiding more and more of myself to avoid arguments with my now ex-husband, I gazed into the mirror and had no idea who I was looking at.

I’m not saying I suddenly had amnesia. What I’m saying is that I had lost touch with who I really was, what was authentically me. And that was a very bad place to be. It affected my ability to grow my business.

Authenticity is very important in entrepreneurial business, probably more so today than it has ever been in the past. If you are a coach, a speaker or other form of expert that people look to for guidance, then authenticity is paramount.

However, many entrepreneurs who are first stepping into business after a career in “Corporate America” have notions of how to be in business that are not aligned with their authentic selves. And, there are well-meaning coaches and mentors who will advise you to be what people expect, rather than who you are.

Of course, that can work for awhile. However, it will only create a business that drains your energy. If you want a thriving business that attracts clients you actually love working with, then you need to allow yourself to be authentically you.

This means bringing your essence into your business. It means proclaiming your truth in your marketing communications. And, it means standing out in a crowd in such a way that many will self-select themselves out of your sphere of influence.

When you allow yourself to be authentically you, something that becomes easier over time as you inquire within (last week’s post), you will build a business that feeds your soul, attracts clients who are a pleasure to work with and is profitable, as well. You’ll be able to build a business that suits who you are and how you want to live.

And, when you look into the mirror, you’ll know exactly who you’re looking at.

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