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by | Jul 1, 2009 | Mindset

I’ve been doing a lot of prosperity work lately. And it has been really helping me move away from the negativity that has recently pervaded my life. One of the many ezines I subscribe to is Christine Kloser’s Conscious Business Connection. In last month’s issue, she included an article that really spoke to me and I’d like to share it with you here. I hope it speaks to you, as well.


Opening Up to Receive

by Christine Kloser

Have you ever found yourself struggling in your business? You feel like you’re doing everything right, but still something’s not clicking into place? For many conscious entrepreneurs, the difference between experiencing the success they’re looking for… or not… is the difference between being able to ask for and receive what they want, need and desire.

Right now, I’d like you to think about a time when you felt totally “in the flow” of receiving. Perhaps you received a surprised gift in the mail, maybe an unexpected client called to work with you, maybe the help you needed showed up at just the right time in just the right way. These acts of receiving can feel like pure magic and give you a glimpse of how graceful and ease-y success can be.

But, in order to be open to receiving, first you need to ask for the gifts you want to receive. For some entrepreneurs the simple act of asking makes all of the difference in the world. However, when it comes to asking, many people feel like it’s not OK to ask for what they need or want. This fear can be rooted in your experience growing up, a recent experience in which asking for something lead to pain, or from a gazillion other things.

But, for each one of you who are ready to stretch and grow within yourself and in your business, asking is essential. Just think of all the places asking comes into play in your business; asking for the money, asking for help, asking for someone’s endorsement/testimonial, asking for a referral, asking someone for an interview, etc. Some people run up against a rather loud “monkey mind” when it comes time to ask someone for something… almost like it’s an imposition. When, the truth is most people are waiting to be asked to help out.

Where I recommend you begin asking, is in the privacy and silence of your heart and soul. Allow yourself to begin asking the Universe/God/Creator for that which you desire: perhaps you’ll ask for clarity; or for a tangible sign to point you in a certain direction; or to be directed to the right person, information or resource you need; or for the next door to open for you; etc.

I find it best to do this in writing in my journal. I write a simple “Memo to God” and ask for what I need guidance on. Simply letting yourself exercise your asking muscle with God, allows you to strengthen that muscle so you can comfortably ask people for what you need. Little by little, asking will become a very natural and comfortable experience for you.

What you’ll discover by asking is that people want to help you. Just the other day I was on the phone with a colleague when an opening occurred for me to ask for her support in a campaign I have coming up in August. She thought for a moment and reminded me that she rarely promotes other people’s businesses, but because of the work I do, she’d be happy to support me. If I didn’t ask her, I never would have known she’d be open to helping me. This is how the Universe works!

OK, getting back to your memo to God and asking for what you desire from the Universe… when you ask, ask from the place of believing that your request is already being answered. Then, once you are done journaling your request, take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe as you create a space within you that is fully open and ready to receive the gifts. Release any attachment to how you want the gift to show up and trust the Universe/God/Creator knows what is best for you.

Once you’ve asked and opened to receive, begin to look for signs in your life that indicate your requests are being answered. This may come in a random email that crosses your inbox, someone you meet at an event, a moment of profound clarity, a deep connection with a friend or colleague, a book someone gives you, etc. Signs and gifts show up in numerous ways, but you will miss them completely if you are not open to receiving them, or have attachments to how you want them to show up.

So, allow yourself to ask, open yourself to receive and then look for evidence that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good. Because, it always is!

© 2009 Christine Kloser

About the Author:
Christine Kloser, author of The Freedom Formula, helps entrepreneurs put soul in their business and money in the bank. If you want to thrive in your purpose-driven, profitable business (while enjoying a soul-satisfying life), send for my special report, How to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Made by Most Conscious Entrepreneurs and my audio, 7 Strategies Entrepreneurial Authors Need to Know… Before Writing a Word, both of which you get (at no charge) when you request my Conscious Business Success Kit at


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