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by | Dec 23, 2013 | Mindset, Video

Are you stuck behind the glass wall?
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Many of us can see the future and vision we want to create, but for some reason feel stuck behind a glass wall that prevents us from achieving it. In this presentation I did for Toastmasters District 1 Speakers Bureau a couple months back, I talk about this glass wall, why we develop it and how we can break out.

In part one I describe this glass wall and give some reasons why we create it:

Know this: Your light is yours to shine. Never let anyone dim it or persuade you to dim it yourself. Without your light, the world is a darker place.

If you feel like you are stuck behind a glass wall, be sure to watch this series of videos as they come out over the next few weeks. Then, start the year right with my Own Your Awesome Self-Study Program, which I’ll release in January.

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