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by | Dec 20, 2013 | Entrepreneurship

Protect your wings and shine your light
Earlier this week, Kendall SummerHawk posted an article called Is Your Hubby or Partner Complaining About Your Business? and it really struck a cord with me.

Not only did I experience this quite a bit when I was married, but now that I’m not, there are other people in my life that say things that make me feel like they don’t believe in me. What I’ve discovered is that sometimes, when someone loves you so much that they want to protect you, that protection can come in the form of clipping your wings.

If you “own” a bird or know someone who does, you know that clipping their wings prevents them from flying about the house and getting hurt. This can be appropriate in some environments. But it is never appropriate when applied to people and their dreams.

If people in your life are trying to discourage you from your entrepreneurial dream, don’t let them clip your wings. Kendall’s article has some great advice for addressing their fears and helping them put down the shears.

Understand these things:

  • Although building a successful business quickly is often the goal, some people have a longer “gestation” period than others. It is possible that your business is taking longer than you (and your loved ones) want because you have life lessons (or business lessons) to learn that will make your eventual, successful business stronger.

  • Dimming your light to appease, protect or shelter someone else is never a good idea. You were meant to shine at exactly the brightness you were meant to shine. Dimming your light means that you are not giving all the gifts you were meant to give and someone, possibly many people, will not be able to live to their potential because they didn’t receive your unique light.

  • When ones you love try to talk you out of your dream, listen to their underlying concerns. Listen to their motivations, which are often not expressed by their words. But don’t let their appearance of lack of belief in you make you stay in your cage and fear to fly.

Now it’s your turn:
Has someone you love tried to clip your wings? How did you handle it? Have you let someone clip your wings? How have you overcome that? Have you clipped your own wings for the sake of someone else? How did you recover from that? Please share your stories and wisdom in a comment below.


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