7 Keys to Unlocking Peace in Your Life and Business

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Mindset, Taking Action

Do you want more peace in your life? In your business life? Read on for seven ways you can do this.

There is what you want and expect from life. And there is what is actually happening in the moment. The farther apart your expectation is from reality, the higher on the anger scale you’ll be. So how do you work on narrowing that gap, thereby cultivating peace in your life?

A while back, I heard a presentation by Tiffany Kane about the keys to unlocking parenting peace. Not being a parent myself, I wondered what relevance the talk would have for me. As I listened, I discovered lessons that I could apply to my own life … and share with you. The following seven keys to unlocking peace in your life and business were adapted from that presentation.

1. Uncover Your Purpose

Having a sense of purpose helps us be more peaceful with what life throws at us. We are better able to make our “Yes” a “yes” and our “no” a “no.” And, we are able to make better decisions and choices, as well.

Uncover your purpose in Life – What do you want to do with your life this year? And why do you want to do it?

Uncover your purpose in Business – Why did you start your business?

Answer these questions to gain clarity of purpose. Explore the whys of the decisions and choices you made that have created your life right now. Then explore the whys of where you want to go in the year to come. Get down to your BIG why to establish your sense of peace.

2. Discover your defaults

So much of the time we are on autopilot. We do things by default because that’s what we’ve always done. And sometimes we don’t even know why. These default actions may even have been developed when you were very, very young and no longer serve you.

Discover your defaults in Life – What beliefs did you develop as a child about yourself — who you are, how you were meant to live, etc.?

Discover your defaults in Business – What beliefs about being an entrepreneur and your ability to successfully be one have you developed since childhood?

Take a look at your answers to these questions and evaluate which beliefs serve you moving forward with your goals. Which ones do not? Work at nurturing the former and ditching the latter.

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3. Create a Vision for the Year to Come

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever get there? Going through life without some form of a roadmap to guide you can cause quite a bit of stress. Knowing where you are headed, can help you cultivate a more peaceful existence.

Create a vision for your Life this year – What do you want to achieve in your life in the year to come? Are there things you want to accomplish this year? Are there milestones you need to complete in order to accomplish something in the years to come?

Create a vision for your Business this year – What do you want to achieve in your business this year? What about the next five years? What milestones and goals do you need to complete to achieve that vision?

Get clear on what your values are and how they support your goals. This will help you create a vision that you can really stand behind.

4. Forgive and Release for Lasting Peace

Forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving. It is for you. Forgiveness doesn’t make wrongs right, it releases the pain from the person wronged. Forgiveness and Release are so important for a peaceful life. They are also key to developing self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. Hanging on to unforgiveness weighs you down … and does nothing to “punish” the one who wronged you.

What can you forgive and release in Life? – Are you holding any judgment against yourself or others that may be getting in the way of your sense of peace? Work on releasing it. If you need guidance, I have a meditation that could help.

What can you forgive and release in Business? – Are you holding any judgment against yourself or others that could be getting in the way of your success? Release it to not only experience peace, but to clear up energetic barriers to receiving what you are worth.

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5. Be Grateful

I have written quite a bit about the importance of gratitude. It not only helps make life more livable and — dare I say it — happy, but it nurtures a sense of peace, as well.

Be grateful in Life and Business – Be grateful for what you have achieved so far. For the big things and for the not-so-big things. Don’t judge any success as too small or not enough. Believe me, there are others with less. What your appreciate appreciates … so be generous with your gratitude.

6. Identify your identity

The thoughts that you have about yourself color what evidence you find around you. Who do you think you are … really? How does it affect your success in life or business?

Owning your awesome means believing in your greatness, even when you’re not so great. It is our darkness that lets us see our light. It is our falls that help us know how to stand tall. It is our mistakes that teach us how to grow better.

So take a look at where you bad-mouth yourself. How can you heal the areas where you diss yourself?

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7. Prioritize

Don’t set too many goals for yourself. You want to stretch, but not overwhelm. To help you with this, prioritize your goals so that you are working toward the most important ones first.

This year, I chose five priorities and have posted them around the home and my office. Every few days I check in to see if I’ve made progress toward any of them. This helps me stay on track and re-align when I get off the rails.


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