5 Tips to Achieving Success with Confidence

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Mindset

Here’s a classic Catch 22: Achieving success can make you a more confident person, but it’s difficult to reach the level of success you desire without confidence.

5 Tips to Achieving Success with Confidence
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So which comes first, Success or Confidence?

Confidence is the catalyst to overcoming doubts and fears and can help you through the worst obstacles you’ll encounter on the road to success. Success can also breed confidence. So, the way I look at it is this is a spiral that starts with confidence, which leads to success, which leads to more confidence and so on.

To help you ascend your confidence-success spiral, here are some powerful tips:

1. Be true to yourself.

Your values and belief system must be firmly in place if you want to achieve a success you can be proud of and to ensure you like yourself when you do reach the top of the spiral.

If you achieve success in ways which compromise who you truly are, your core values, you won’t be able to enjoy your achievements. It will be a success built on sand rather than solid ground and may crumble and fall with time.

2. Trust in your abilities.

You may have much to learn before you can succeed in your chosen field or path. Think of all that you’ve achieved so far and obstacles you’ve already overcome and trust that you can do more.

Don’t dismiss what you’ve learned so far in life. The danger is to take your achievements for granted, to think it must have been easy and that anyone could do it, too. However, others may see it as remarkable and look up to you for achieving it.

3. Use your subconscious mind.

Repeating positive affirmations and shooing negative thoughts away builds strength for your subconscious mind — a powerful ally in your quest for success.

Your subconscious mind, when trained to follow your melody can make a real difference in how you yourself, as well as how others see you. However, your subconscious mind can also take your melody off key if you let negative thoughts gain control — making you doubt your true abilities.

4. Use correct body language.

Watch your posture, stance, and control of your body language. It can be powerful when dealing with others and expecting a great outcome. Sitting up straight (as your mother used to tell you) can send a far different and more positive message than slumping. In fact research has shown that your posture can change your brain chemistry toward greater or lesser confidence.

Study body language and practice it. When you enter a room with your head held high and walking like you own where you are and how you present yourself, people will take notice in a positive way.

5. Pay attention to your personal look.

When you present yourself as unkempt and looking wrinkled and ungroomed, the image isn’t one that fosters success.

If this is an area of your life where you lack skills, seek the help of others and develop a style you’re comfortable with and which fits the image you want to present.

Would you like some help on your Journey to Self Confidence?

If you want to change your life, achieve the level of success you want, and join the ranks of the world’s respected and top achievers…you need to not only build your confidence but have a system to help you build it back when it inevitably takes a hit.

I’ve developed a program that will help you develop your own customized confidence toolkit that will empower you to boost your confidence whenever you need to. The program is called The Journey to Self Confidence and will begin in January. At that time, I will work through this program with a select group of Founders Members.

To make sure these early adopters of The Journey to Self-Confidence receive the best service, I am hand-selecting no more than 20 people to personally guide through this program. If you would like to apply to be one of these Founders Members, you will need to get on the phone with me.

Learn more about the program here.


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