When are you worth it?

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When are you worth it?

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This is the fifth installment of my journey through Soul Dancer’s free Pay Me What I’m Worth course sampler. If you missed any shows, its all good! Click here to access the entire series.

Video Response

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Chapter Four: When Are You Worth It?

At this point in the Pay Me What I’m Worth journey, we’ve explored the concept of worth, how material possessions affect our perception of worth, how our skills affect our value, and how to get out of the comparison trap. Now we are ready to gather this information up and create a “Worth Timeline” to mine for the golden insights found within the themes and trends of our lives.

Because the exercise in this chapter is so, for the lack of a better word, vast … I had a hard time coming up with a reaction to it for this post. I ended up giving Soul a call and discussing it with him. You can listen in on our conversation by watching the video associated with this post.

But here are some highlights from that conversation (listen to the audio for more detailed quotes):

  • “Chapter Four is really a ‘do’ chapter. Chapter Four is really when you gotta get in there and do the exercise in order to get the fullest experience out of it.”
  • “The 12-week class is meant to be like a tour of a museum only. You’re not going to have the time to fully sit down with all the pieces in that museum and fully absorb everything.” This is like an introductory, “Overview of the Universe,” kind of course.
  • The Worth Timeline helps you identify aha moments in your life more effectively and succinctly than living through the lessons over and over again.
  • This exercise helps you build a sense of confidence that empowers you to weather the storms of everyday life. You identify your buttons and vaccinate yourself against the button pushers.
  • The 12-week class is progressive, each chapter building on the ones that came before. Going through this course will help you release blocks to actually taking the next step and going deeper with this work. By the end of the course, you’ll have more confidence and you’ll be prepared to do these exercises fully and with authenticity.

Coming up in future installments of this journey:

Explore Your Worth and Become the Master of Your Life

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Are you are wondering what this 12-month class can do for you? Listen to what previous students have had to say about Soul’s Pay Me What I’m Worth Master Class.

Anna Banguilan on Performance-Based Contracts (1:50):

Elaine O’Malley on increased confidence in her business (0:43):

Stuart Young on uncovering more confidence than he thought possible (1:59):


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