The Importance of Passion In Business

by | Aug 18, 2008 | Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Self Discovey

I am a firm believer that if you want a sustainable business, one that you can make and keep profitable over the long term, you must be passionate about it.

And I’m not the only one who believes this.

Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur, wrote about it in his blog: “The Passion of Business and the Business of Passion“.

Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, has implied that passion is a key to his success: “You have to have a passionate opinion; otherwise you sound false. You end up telling the audience jokes they’ve already heard.”

And George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, says this: “If you want to be successful in a particular field of endeavor, I think perseverance is one of the key qualities. It’s very important that you find something that you care about, that you have a deep passion for because you’re going to have to devote a lot of your life to it.”

Do a Google search on “passion business” and you’ll find numerous entries. One I found particularly of interest was Richard Chang’s article, “Turning Into Organizational Performance – the role of passion in business management and leadership“. In fact, he leads the article off with this: “Passion is not a privilege of the fortunate few; it is a right and competitive advantage that all organizations can leverage.”

This is why I felt so strongly that “Uncover Your Passion — Discover Your Niche” needed to be the first topic in the Marketing Strategies for Promoting YOU! training program. And, as luck (and hard work) would have it, I was able to get Lori Palm, a modern-day muse and creator of the Core Passion™ Assessment, to be my guest speaker on Aug. 25. She’ll be talking about how you can define your own unique niche by uncovering what you love to do and are best at doing.

“When you know who you are,” she says, “you know what to do.”

I encourage you to be on the live call, but if you can’t, at least do some work on discovering what your core passion is. You can find plenty of tools and resources on the Internet — or you can upgrade to Silver or Gold and get the audio and transcripts of this sure-to-be-riveting call with Lori.

More Inspirational Quotes About Passion

One of the things that may get in the way of people being lifelong learners is that they’re not in touch with their passion. If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it. — Jack Canfield

To have passion, to have a dream, to have a purpose in life. And there are three components to that purpose, one is to find out who you really are, to discover God, the second is to serve other human beings because we are here to do that and the third is to express your unique talents and when you are expressing your unique talents you lose track of time. — Deepak Chopra

The kind of commitment I find among the best performers across virtually every field is a single-minded passion for what they do and an unwavering desire for excellence in the way they think and the way they work. Genuine confidence is what launches you out of bed in the morning and through your day with a spring in your step. — Jim Collins

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