The CAP Podcast, Episode 17: Your Million Dollar Message

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It is critical for entrepreneurs to be able to communicate their message effectively. In this episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, Maurice DiMino shares an overview of his Million Dollar Message template.

It opens with an introduction, which he calls the W.A.Y. (Who Are You?), moves into a body filled with golden nuggets and stories to support them and then closes with a call to action.

Along the way, Maurice talks about:

  • The “rags to riches” story — or Oprah Moment
  • Why you introduce yourself after your host has introduced you
  • How to structure your golden nuggets
  • Why he calls the close “The Book Store” and why you should craft this part of your presentation first
  • How to create a benefits story if you have no previous customers or clients

and more. In addition to giving us the highlights of his template, Maurice answers my questions about why those pieces are included and in that order.

The Million Dollar Message template is covered in his book, The Art of Public Speaking, and in more depth during is twice yearly intensives. To learn more, visit

If you would like a PDF copy of his book, The Art of Public Speaking, go to

Maurice’s Story
This is the video referred to in the podcast. In it I ask Maurice the same four questions I asked 82+ other speakers for my forthcoming book, Public Speaking Super Powers.

Video Excerpts

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five


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