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by | Jun 26, 2009 | Marketing & Selling, Mindset

One of the best ways to encourage word of mouth about your business is to deliver on your clients’ key factors for satisfaction. Each type of business will have different key factors that will create high client satisfaction, so you’ll need to find out what those are for your clients. But, as a starting point, here are a five factors that are common satisfaction points for the clients of service-based businesses.

Are you clear and easy to understand. Do your clients know what you offer? If you provide instructions, are they easy to follow? If a client is confused, are they treated with respect and helped to understand?

Understand Your Client’s Needs
Do your clients feel like you “get” them? Are you offering them solutions that are spot on for their problems? Do you make an effort to understand their needs when you miss the mark?

Be Accessible
When your clients need you, can they reach you … or at least someone in your business? Or is your business a fortress of solitude that issues products and no customer service

Provide Personal Service
Can you personalize your services for each client in some way? Think of the Progressive commercial where the perky lady shows a prospect the “Dave” isle … where all his insurance needs are tailored to his unique situation.

Know Your Stuff
Don’t blow smoke up people’s butt. Being knowledgeable in your area of expertise goes a long way toward customer satisfaction. And be forthright when you don’t know something. At least you were honest! Remember, these client satisfaction factors are things that your clients will be judging your business on either consciously or unconsciously. And, it is not that easy to predict. So, the wise service professional asks his or her clients on a regular basis.

Once you know what these factors are for your business, put concerted effort into delivering on these key factors.


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