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omg talk podcast

March 6, 2021 OMG Talk Small Business Owner Podcast

Paul Finkelstein hosts this short “meet and greet” podcast in which he chats with small business owners about their dreams and what motivates them to get up in the morning and do what they do. We had a fun chat that brought out of me some interesting inspiration stuff I didn’t even know was there.

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Sharifah Hardie

December 28, 2020: The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifa Hardie

I participated in a round table discussion with Sharifah and three other guests.

Sheila Mac

December 14, 2020: The Sheila MAC Commute Hour: 5 a.m. PT on KCAA Radio

KCAA Radio logoShiela and I chat about relationships and business. I share my story of lifting myself out of dysfunctional relationships and a bit about the new direction of my business. In addition to airing on KCAA Radio, the show is sent both to On Demand channels and all podcast platforms. It can be viewed on YouTube, as well.

Rebecca Hall Gruyter

August 26, 2020: Rebecca Hall Gruyter’s Women’s Empowerment Series on VoiceAmerica.TV

I gave presentation to a live audience about the C.A.R.M.A. Code, the 5 keys to having a more fulfilling life and business.

Audio Interviews

(Note: These interviews were conducted before 2011 when she was going by her then-married name Carma Spence-Pothitt.)

Global Talk Radio

The host talks to Carma about product development and Carma’s take on the product/service life cycle.

Your Partner In Success on Blog Talk Radio

Host Denise Griffitts talks to Carma about creating a business and marketing plan.

Profiting from Teleseminars on Blog Talk Radio

Host Cindi Dawson talks with Carma about using Joint Ventures to grow your business.

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