You Can Overcome Anything You Put Your Mind To

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Mindset

faith the two legged dog
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Last week, my mother shared an email with me about this special dog. The dog’s name is Faith and she only has two hind legs. I first heard of Faith about a year ago when a story about her was on one of the news shows my husband watches.

Receiving the email from Mom just reminded me of how much of life is in created in your mind … and that you can overcome anything that you put your mind to. Your life is only as successful as you think it is. Really.

Faith, The Two Legged Dog as a Puppy
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Ray Bradbury, my favorite author, often advises that you should “fire” those in your life who do not believe in you. And my mentor, Marilyn Jenett advises in her prosperity teachings to stop saying negative things about your finances for at least two weeks in order to change the dominant thought in your mind.

Well, Faith has both. She was lucky to have people find her that believed in her. They helped her overcome her birth defect. She never had the chance to think of herself as anything but normal.

And now she has two books written about her and has appeared on numerous TV shows around the nation.

What an inspiration! That’s why I just had to share her story with you. Here are a few video clips that tell her story.

Faith on Montel

Faith on the St. Louis Post Dispatch


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